I was first recommended Yuko five years ago by my hairdresser. I have thick, very curly frizzy Irish hair that ruled my life. Now I just wash and quickly blow dry and go not like before when it took me an hour just to straighten my hair. My hair is healthy, shiny and manageable. Faye has been Yukoing my hair from day one and told me from the start to follow her rules on hair care and I have never looked back the one thing that impressed me most is that Faye does Yuko every day and her knowledge is unbelievable.

Maria Upward, Banstead.

I've always had very thick, curly hair that's very hard to manage and always unruly. I used to spend two hours blow drying my hair straight almost every day, just to be ruined by rain or heat. I was recommended to see Faye by a work colleague who had similar hair troubles. I've now been seeing Faye for over four years for my Yuko treatment and I absolutely love the result. My hair is soft, straight and blow dries in ten minutes. I now no longer have to plan my day around blow drying my hair!

Stephanie Sherlock. Walton on Thames, Surrey.

The days of taking an hour to dry and straighten my hair and avoiding the rain to stop the frizz have long gone thanks to Yuko. Yuko was first recommended to me by my hairdresser and five years ago I decided that I'd had enough of the curls and frizz and went to visit Yuko in London. (I had tried all sorts of chemical straightening over here but it never really did the trick, certainly never lasted long and one time even made my hair fall out!) From that day I have never looked back. I now dry my hair in minutes and don't have to use straightening irons. My hairdresser is always impressed with the condition of my hair. Faye is wonderful and I really enjoy my Yuko sessions with her.

When I became pregnant last year I feared that would put an end to my Yuko as I could not travel and then when the baby came there was no way I'd have the time to take a day out going to London, never mind the expense of hair, flights, trains and taxis! But Faye as enthusiastic as ever told me not to worry as she would come to me. And she has been ever since which is perfect as it now gives other people the wonderful opportunity of having the best possible straight hair too. So now it is so perfect I can still have my hair straightened and in the comfort of my own home, and I don't lose all that travel time. Thanks Faye you're a life saver!

Lisa Barnett, Guernsey.

I first starting having Yuko's 4 years ago and I can honestly say it's even better than what I first imagined! At first I was a bit nervous because I didn't know anyone who had had the Yuko treatment before, but Faye was great, she talked me through everything and told me what to expect and really made me feel at ease. After the treatment I was in shock, my hair was perfectly straight and shinier than it had ever been, it was so soft I just couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror! Four years on and I still go back for my Yuko treatment and I am always just as happy as the first time. No more frizz! No more kinks or curls! Just wash and go! I love it and want to thank Faye so much for doing such a great job! I recommend her to all of my frizzy haired friends who are now just as happy as I am!

Derya Aksoy, Chingford.

After seeing my friends hair once she had the Yuko I booked my appointment before my honeymoon and never looked back. I didn't have to worry about taking my straighteners with me or my hair getting frizzy from the humidity, for the first time I could go in to the sea and not be conscious of my hair. After the birth of my child I have much less time to get ready but with the Yuko it takes half the time. I also never have to worry about British weather ruining my hair again.

Kiran Sandhu. Gravesend, Kent.

I have tried many different straightening systems over many years and I have found the one that works for me. I 100% recommend this product. Faye has been straightening my hair for seven years and has made it healthier than ever always careful and professional achieving a result I didn't think was possible. Initially my husband wasn't convinced as I had spent so much time and money trying different methods but when he saw the result for himself he loved it, hoping he didn't have to wait around for me to finish getting ready any longer. With the type of hair I have it has truly changed my life, it's worth every penny.

Esma Sandal. Barkingside, Essex.

I have been coming to Faye for over four years. I have had the Yuko done four times and I couldn't be happier. Yuko beats blow drying and ironing your hair anytime - it leaves you with a sleek natural look. I put all my trust in Faye as her priority is the happiness of her clients and the presentation of their hair. "Thanks Faye you have revolutionised my life and hair".

Penni Khailou, North London

"Yuko changed my life its basically wash and go" Many people have told me that "Yuko is full of chemicals, it ruins your hair and it doesn't last" categorically that's rubbish! Having had Yuko for the past six years, I can safely say the condition of my hair is amazing. I have no need to run straighteners through my hair, blow dry with high powered dryers as these are the things that make your hair brittle and cause breakage - that's what ruins your hair! There is only one person who I trust to perform Yuko on my hair and that is Faye, experienced, honest and with her clients interest at heart.

Eve kyriacou, Hertfordshire

After year's of putting my hair through all sorts of abuse to achieve the 'dead straight' look, I didn't stumble across Yuko until well into my thirties - and I now can't believe how I managed without it! I immediately warmed to Faye's outgoing and honest, yet professional character. As a cautious person in general, she immediately made me feel confident in the product and Faye herself as a technician. What shone through for me was her passion for the product and her enthusiasm and desire to ensure that I would leave her salon 100% satisfied. Five years later, I look forward to my twice yearly appointment with Faye, knowing that my hair is in the safe hands of an expert.

I would strongly recommend Yuko to anyone - after years of styling products and straightening irons, my hair is in the best condition it has ever been in - there's not a split end in sight! Admittedly, I was persuaded to try the new 'Brazilian' straightening system, but after about eight weeks, I was regretting this decision and begging Faye to fit me in for another Yuko.

Yuko has become part of my life, it's a luxury I can't live without. In fact I now consider it as a 'necessity' and it's always at the top of my priority list. I would not hesitate in recommending Faye to anyone! Be assured you are in the safest of hands

Alison Lennard, Woodford

My hair is shoulder length, thick, curly and uncontrolable. I hate it! I first started to have the yuko treatment done at a salon in Newhaven where I live and thought it was great. Expensive, but well worth the money to have straight hair. I wasn't really very happy that it took so long to achieve this lovely hair (9 and a half hours). Then the last treatment I had didn't take very well and I was unhappy with the outcome.

Faye was recommended to me by a friend who has her hair straightened with the yuko system. I made that call and have never looked back. Faye only takes 4 hours to complete the treatment and the results are great! I now have lovely straight hair and I am really happy. I save up all year to have the yuko done and it is worth every penny! Won't be going elsewhere anymore!

Ellame Richardson, Newhaven, East Sussex

Faye is a legend. She's been doing my hair for 9 years and I hope will be for the next 90 years. She is the best in the business at the fine art of Yuko and has transformed me from a curly mess into a (sometimes) sophisticated, sleek woman. I've tried a couple of other Yuko stylists and the difference is vast- Faye completely understands the individual needs of one's hair and the complexity of the process. She doesn't take any shortcuts, is committed to getting it perfect and always gets the best results.

Laura Frances, Paddington