How much does it cost?

The cost of the Yuko straightening treatment depends on hair thickness, length and tightness of curl. The price will vary depending on how far out from London you live.

  • Yuko straightening from £300
  • Cut & style from £100
  • Colour & style from £100
  • Intensive Replenishing Treatment from £100
  • Cut with Yuko £50
  • Intensive Replenishing Treatment is £50 when added to any service which includes Cut, Colour or Yuko Straightehing.
  • A deposit of £100 is required at the time of booking


The consultation can be done on the phone or in person. This is to determine whether the hair is suitable or not for the Yuko treatment. The main points we cover are the general condition of the hair and any treatments that have been done in the past. We will discuss the clients expectations and answer any questions and queries.

Cancellation Policy

Yuko usually takes around 3-6 hours so due to the length of time the procedure takes, it can be difficult to find other clients to fill in the same time slot. So cancellation must be at least 5 days in advance of your appointment date. If you let us know in this time frame the £100 deposit you paid at the time of booking will be refunded back to you. If you do not cancel within this time you will not get your deposit back.