- Yuko

- Brazilian Blow Dry


How long does it last?

It really depends on how quickly your hair grows and how curly and frizzy your roots are. The average time between Yuko's is four to six months.

Is my hair suitable?

The system is suitable for most hair types with the exception of;

- Afro hair – Usually afro relaxers leave the best results on this texture of hair.

- Fully bleached hair – The hair is already too damaged for further application of chemicals. Although partially bleached hair can still result in a good outcome using a weaker solution.

What is the procedure?

Firstly the hair is washed and the first solution is applied, this solution breaks the bonds that make the hair curl or frizz. The solution could be applied on the hair from one minute to one hour depending on the condition of the hair.

The solution is then washed off with shampoo and conditioner and the first ironing stage begins. This part of the process consists of taking small sections of the hair and ironing to straighten the bonds.

Once the ironing is finished the second solution is applied which acts as a neutraliser and is left on for roughly ten minutes, it is then rinsed off with conditioner.

The hair is then blown dried and ironed to finish, the whole procedure takes from three to five hours to complete depending on the strength, length and thickness of the hair.

Here are some examples of the Yuko Straightening system. Click on the Image to enlarge


Once the procedure is over you must be careful not to bend the hair, tie it up, put any clips in it, tuck it behind your ears or get it wet in any way (including excessive perspiration).

The hair should not be washed between 48 to 96 hours (two to four days), as during this time it is still oxidising. After this time has passed you may carry on as usual.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Yuko straightening treatment depends on hair thickness, length and tightness of curl. The price will vary depending on how far out from London you live.

- Prices for Yuko start from £250.
- Cut with Yuko £30.
- Conditioning treatment with Yuko £30
- Cut and finish start from £45.
- Colour and finish start from £60
- Colour, cut and finish start from £85
- Conditioning treatment start from £50

Brazilian Blow Dry

How long does it last?

It lasts 2 to 4 months depending on the hair type, treatment will work better on chemically treated hair like coloured or relaxed. On virgin hair the best result will be achieved after the second or third application.

Is my hair suitable?

The great thing about Brazilian Blow Dry is it can be applied to any hair over any previous chemical treatment for example coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and/or bleached.

What is the procedure?

The application process lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair. After product is applied, it is sealed with a hot iron which traps moisture, hydrates the hair and creates a glossy finish. Results are visible immediately after treatment is completed, clients are amazed to say the least.


Hair should not be washed for the minimum of three days after treatment, you must be careful not to bend the hair, tie it up, put any clips in it, tuck it behind your ears or get it wet. The shampoo and conditioner recommend to use is Sodium Chloride free shampoo as this will allow the treatment to last longer.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Brazilian Blow Dry depends on thickness and length.

- Prices for Brazilian Blow Dry start from £100
- Shampoo and conditioner set £30